Hyne Scores Skilled Experience from Closed Sugar Mill

Many years of plant and maintenance experience is being harnessed as part of Hyne Timber’s expansion in Maryborough.

The closure of the Maryborough Sugar Factory (MSF) late last year, saw an opportunity for us to recruit skilled, experienced people from within the region.

Hyne Timber Maintenance and Improvements Manager, Steve Kerr said it was great to get a new, ‘ready to go’ maintenance team.

“Despite the Glue Laminated Timber plant being totally different from a sugar mill, our new team bring skills and experience in all things mechanical and can just get on with the job.

“They are confident, intuitive and literally nothing has stumped this new team since day one of working for Hyne.

“While we value bringing in apprentices and school leavers, we have to attract the experience also and with our new crew, there is collectively, many years of experience which everyone can value from.” Mr Kerr said.

Currently, Hyne Timber has employed five ex MSF employees into the Glue Laminating Plant and two into the Tuan Mill with more encouraged to join the Hyne team following the announcement of an additional 50 staff at the Tuan Mill made just last week.

Kyle Chay, an ex-MSF employee and now Maintenance Fitter with Hyne Timber said he is pleased to find suitable employment in Maryborough,

“Going to work one day and being told the whole Sugar Mill was closing the next came as a shock.

“I was immediately unemployed and applying all over the place to get work. I put in applications for at least 30 jobs outside of Maryborough in order to use my trade and experience.

“Securing my job as a Maintenance Fitter at Hyne means I have good, permanent employment, doing what I am skilled and experienced to do, without having to leave town or fly in fly out.”

Peter Wroe, the new Maintenance Planner for Hyne Timber worked for MSF for 21 years. Privately running a hobby farm in the region, Peter didn’t consider leaving town for employment as an option.

“Securing my new role at Hyne Timber is a relief to say the least. Following a month of being unemployed after working my whole life, I was starting to worry.

“Working in maintenance means every day is different. We face challenges and it is our job to find the fix.

“I am also looking forward to operating a scheduled and planned maintenance program for Hyne.

“At the end of the day, it is our job to help keep this plant moving, keep people working safely and keep producing quality engineered timber beams for our customers.

“It is great to work for a company that is investing in long term growth here in Maryborough,” Mr Wroe said.

Recruitment is currently underway for 50 more jobs created as part of a $14.5M expansion project at the Tuan Mill as demand for quality timber products continues to climb.

The supply of locally grown softwood pine is expected to increase over coming years and Hyne have also notified other local suppliers and processors of the increased production and flow on growth for their businesses including Richers Transport, Log Management Solutions, Altus Renewables, Bassett Barks and Laminex.

For more information on opportunities to join the Hyne team, visit our vacancies page.

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140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

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140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

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