New CNC Machine

At Hyne Timber we officially commissioned our new, state of the art CNC machine called a Hundegger K2i which will make the supply of engineered timber quicker and more cost efficient from our Glulam plant in Maryborough.

Exciting news for the design and construction industry: 

It is an automatic joinery machine that can cut, drill, slot and profile timber dimensions ranging from 50mm x 20mm to 1200mm x 300mm up to 19m long.

The K2i can perform all cutting and milling operations required in the shortest possible time including special operations such as dovetail milling to allow elements to be assembled more easily, saving time on-site. Its revolutionary handling system with two gripper and guide wagons guarantees maximum precision during processing.

The universal, flexible machine is used around the world by leading timber companies for a range of timber solutions and is adaptable to specific requirements of the customer due to its modular construction. It opens up a whole range of cost effective structural and aesthetic solutions for designers and architects alike.

We have a strong focus on delivering customer solutions and the capabilities of this machine can be discussed from the early design stages of construction projects, so together, we can deliver the best possible outcome for the client. We are resourced to provide expert advice from hidden or expressed connections, treatments and coatings in order to maximise durability while complimenting the design.

Our Glulam has the strength and durability to compliment both lightweight timber and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels, including wide span applications. 

We also have a further, unique competitive advantage where pine is specified because unlike other engineered timber manufacturing plants, we take plantation grown softwood feedstock from our own sawmill just 15 minutes away! Experts claim responsibly sourced timber is the only truly sustainable construction material for our future. 

Amendments to the Building Code last year to build up to eight storeys in height using timber mean Mass Timber Construction including glue laminated timber structures are on the rise, literally. It goes without saying, that significant research was undertaken prior to the amendments to the Building Code including fire engineering analysis. Indeed, the Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council were members of the Australian Building Codes Board Technical Committee.

Further, the Queensland Government recently released their Building Plan discussion paper including a goal specifically set to improve the sustainability performance of Queensland’s homes and buildings. What better way to achieve this than timber structures!

Engineered timber in mid-rise and tall construction goes far beyond the sustainability benefits, realising significant cost efficiencies including less on-site time/quicker, lighter construction benefits especially in built up areas with improved safety. This high-performance joinery machine is advanced manufacturing at its best. 

Australia is now playing catch up to European countries, America and Canada who have been realising these benefits for many years. 

Sustainability is key for our future; timber is key to sustainable construction.

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140 years of Hyne

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140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

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140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

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