Two Maryborough Families Unite to Support Jobs and Growth

Between Hyne Timber and Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions (RNM), hundreds of jobs have been created in Maryborough for both shorter term construction and ongoing manufacturing capability into the future.
Llew O’Brien MP, Federal member for the Wide Bay, James Hyne and Robert Nioa. 
Llew O’Brien MP, Federal member for the Wide Bay, James Hyne and Robert Nioa. 
Llew O’Brien MP, Federal member for the Wide Bay, James Hyne and Robert Nioa. 

As Hyne Timber was finalising construction of a new Glue Laminated Timber plant in Maryborough’s Industrial Estate, Maryborough born and bred Robert Nioa, Chief Executive of NIOA and Deputy Chair of RNM, was finalising the location for a new munition’s factory.

With the support of both the Federal and State Governments, the RNM facility was constructed around the corner from Hyne Timber, specifying the Hyne Groups engineered timber products including Glue Laminated Timber and Cross Laminated Timber for its construction.

The two companies are investing in the growth of manufacturing capability in Maryborough and committed to sourcing locally wherever possible.

James Hyne, Executive Director of Hyne Timber said it was not only great to see a commercial scale construction project in Maryborough prioritising local timber supply, but it also marks the first mass timber structure for the region ahead of the new Maryborough Fire Station construction getting underway.

“The best way to showcase innovative use of mass timber in construction, is a building and we are thankful for the opportunity by RNM to have our products specified to build their new facility around the corner from where much of it is made right here in Maryborough,” Mr Hyne said.

“Further, we not only engineer the timber in Maryborough, but it is also locally grown and manufactured in the Tuan forest therefore it’s confidently supplied by a local and renewable supply chain.

“The growth of manufacturing in Maryborough will benefit us all, attracting people, developing people, transferring skills for career development and keeping those skills and knowledge right here.

“The more we can grow Maryborough as a manufacturing hub, the more the whole region will benefit.”

The new RNM forging facility will produce munitions for the supply to the Australian Defence Force and for export to allied nations around the world via Rheinmetall’s global supply chain. When fully operational it will create up to 100 new advanced manufacturing jobs for the region.

Robert Nioa, Chief Executive of NIOA and Deputy Chair of RNM, said the work to flow to the local region was an important factor throughout planning for the project.
“RNM underlined the importance of local input for this work when we appointed a local in Jeff Crabtree as our Project Manager. We wanted to create as many local opportunities as possible because the region means a lot to our company,” Mr Nioa said.

“With a long-standing engineered timber plant on the doorstep, why wouldn’t we look to use these products first for our own construction?

“We have had a very positive experience in constructing this new plant, so much so that we have also just topped out our NIOA headquarters extension near Brisbane Airport.” Mr Nioa said.

Federal Member for Wide Bay and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Llew O'Brien welcomed the significant investment from Hyne Timber and Rheinmetall Nioa Munitions in their Maryborough projects.

“Hyne is one of the biggest employers in the Maryborough region, and the Coalition Government recognises the significant economic value and the jobs that the timber industry brings to Wide Bay,” Mr O’Brien said.

“It’s great to see the pine trees that grew locally in the Toolara plantation are now further growing Maryborough’s economy, through its use in the construction of the Rheinmetall Nioa Munitions factory.

“The Coalition Government are also committed to expanding Australian defence industry, and our $28.5 million contribution towards the $60 million RNM facility will put Maryborough on the international defence industry map as well as creating more than 100 jobs and career paths for local people.

“I’m pleased to see these companies backing Maryborough’s workforce and industry, and investing in the region’s future with these landmark projects.”

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140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

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140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

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