The pride of Wide Bay

We're proud sponsors of the Wide Bay Rowing Club, so it was great to see this group of enthusiasts competing so well at a high-profile regional competiton.

‘Head of The Brisbane 2019’ was held at Toowong Rowing Club sheds adjacent the University of Queensland’s grounds. Racing between dozens of local Brisbane and regional clubs took place “above the sheds” with the action fronting Fairfield and Yeronga.

The Wide Bay locals made the trip, and the early start worthwhile.

The Maryborough High School mixed open squad – Georgie, Jack, William, Chloe and Campbell – won Silver. They worked hard over 10kms with a time of 47 minutes. The Gold went to locals – St Peters – only 2 minutes ahead. Meanwhile the Wide Bay Rowing Club’s Men’s Masters 4 x team also landed silver. And, the Club’s Ladies Masters 4 x team landed silver too.

But, according to the Maryborough High School kids, rowing isn’t all about winning. “Campbell is Coxing our crew” said Josh. “He only started rowing in term 2.” But he’s doing great.” Campbell agrees.

A chat with Chloe, Maryborough High School Rowing Captain (self-proclaimed), shows how keen the kids are. She trains with a rowing machine session at lunchtime at school on Tues and water-based training Wednesday. She also rows Saturdays and Sundays.

Rowing is part of Maryborough State High School’s heritage, but last time the school put boats on the water was around 25 years ago. “It’s driven by ‘Doney’” said Chloe. It seems school principal Mr Simon Done is bringing back the school’s culture and history.

The MSHS team is full of newbies. “Lots of the people in the club have just started this year and we’ve already won a couple of medals. We came second in the Bridge to Bridge in Maryborough and it was a 14 km race” she said. Not a bad effort.

William is in year 10 at MSHS. He started rowing half-way thru last year. He plays drums in the School’s instrumental program. His music teacher suggested he try rowing, and he loved the sport. “We went to a few regattas up in Bundy. We rowed against Bundy High and Shalom College. We came third in the boy’s quad. Year 9 single came second. Year 10 double came third” he said. Good results for this newcomer.

It was terrific to see the guys wearing their Hyne supplied T3 Green+ caps and T2 Blue t-shirts.

And judging by the smiles, these rowers, are never worried about crocodiles in the Mary River. “We’re more worried about the bull sharks” said Chloe.

There’s plenty of those in the Brisbane River, Chloe.

No wonder you rowed so well.