Beneath the surface

When you see people at work day-in day-out, you don’t always notice the amazing qualities that sit just below the surface.

But the recent fires at Tumbarumba have shown that many of our workmates have incredible courage, dedication and life-saving skills that are very close to the surface indeed.

You see, many members of the Hyne Tumbarumba team, and our local community, volunteer with local emergency organisations – the Rural Fire Service (RFS) and the State Emergency Service (SES).

John Mansfield. SES Tumbarumba Unit Commander. Photo: Kim Fergusson

At one point during the two-week emergency, for five whole days, these volunteers were the only obstacle between the fire, the Tumbarumba Mill and the town. No air attack was available and the strike teams had been re-assigned to Snowy Hydro.

To support his town - and Rural Fire Service comrades - SES Tumbarumba Unit Commander John Mansfield slept at the emergency services sheds - for 14 days straight. We’re proud to say he’s a Hyne employee.

In a small community like Tumbarumba and districts, there are also men and women who aren’t formal volunteers who step up to the moment to save the town and help their mates. It “Had to be done” they’d say.

Jared from Tumut Fuel Supplies did not leave his post for the duration of the emergency.

In our book, “heroes” like these can be directly credited with saving the Hyne Tumbarumba Mill and the town and we are sure there are many more we do not even know about.

All remained steadfast and true to their communities and each other through the most frightful moments.

It is clear that the Aussie spirit shines brightly today in Tumbarumba.