Hyne Community Trust – One More Week for Applications

Tumbarumba regional community groups are reminded the Hyne Community Trust is currently open for applications until 30 June 2020.

The trust supports projects valued over $10,000 that can demonstrate how they will provide lasting benefits to the community.

A successful past recipient, Tumba Can Assist, continues to give back to the community, providing much needed financial support to individuals and their families as a result of a cancer diagnosis.

Tumba Can Assist Branch President, Bob Ayliffe said the cancer assistance network helps those diagnosed with cancer to cover expenses such as travel, accommodation and medical costs,

“Many of our clients face reduced or no work as a result of their cancer diagnosis.

“Adding to an already stressful time, their expenditure is going up while their income is going down.

“Around 33% of regional people diagnosed with cancer choose not to have treatment because it is too expensive.

“We support these people with the extra costs they face to access treatment plus support for their ongoing day to day expenses where necessary such as providing Telstra vouchers or support with paying bills.” Mr Ayliffe said.

Like all charities, Tumba Can Assist is not immune from the impacts of COVID-19 and has been unable to coordinate their usual fund-raising events or benefit from the funds raised by others in the community.

The charity continues to provide the financial assistance on a case by case basis to those who require support including the ongoing costs of running their Lilier Lodge in Wagga.

Tumbarumba residents requiring regular treatment at the Wagga Hospital such as daily radiotherapy, can apply to stay at the Lodge and may be eligible for financial support.

Lilier Lodge Manager, Margaret Dalmau and Relationships Manager Majella Gallagher - Wagga Wagga

Branch President Bob Ayliffe said the charity is thankful for the community donations they receive including Hyne Community Trust grants over 4 years,

“Without the fundraising support of the community and grants such as the Hyne Trust, we wouldn’t be able to provide the support we do.

“Everyone hopes they will never need to contact us for support but unfortunately, no one knows if or when they might need us.” Mr Alyiffe concluded.

Anyone wanting to donate to the Tumba Can Assist can do so online at givenow.com.au/canassisttumbarumba. All donations are tax deductable.

Community groups applying for a Hyne Community Trust grant are encouraged to first review the guidelines available here and consider how their application will provide long lasting benefits to the community.

Projects must be valued over $10,000 in order to meet the criteria.

The application form is on the website with applications closing next week, 30 June. 

For more information, email [email protected]



Hyne Community Trust: 0455 087 118

Tumba Can Assist: 0428 689 318