Celebrating 140 Years of Community Partnerships

2022 is Hyne Timber’s 140th year, marking a time to reflect on the 140 years of supporting the communities in which we operate.

In recognition of the great work of our community partners that Hyne Timber is proud to support, today we launched our first community video featuring the teams at Hervey Bay Volunteer Marine Rescue and Tumbarumba State Emergency Services.

Giving back

Stakeholder Engagement Manager, James Hyne said giving back is important to the Hyne family.

“This was a passionate commitment of my great, great grandfather and remains a passionate commitment today.

“We are proud to be a major employer in our regional areas and to see our regional towns thriving and knowing that our support has contributed, is extremely rewarding. 
 “We like to support organisations and initiatives that provide lasting benefit to the towns and regions where our employees live and work.” Mr Hyne said. “We support education and the arts, as well as mental health and disability services, and programs that create positive futures for children.”

Hyne Timber runs an annual sponsorships and donations framework in addition to the Hyne Community Trust, which is unique to the Tumbarumba region and opens for applications for the month of June each year.

Hyne also provides dollar matching up to $1,000 for employees so they can support the charities that matter to them.

A bit of our history.

Richard Matthew Hyne portrait
Richard Matthews Hyne

Over 140 years ago, Hyne Timber’s founder, Richard Matthews Hyne, was actively involved in the community including as Mayor of Maryborough.

Among many initiatives, he was passionate about improving access to education for the Maryborough community, and started the movement to gain public, financial support which ultimately built the regions only boys and girls grammar schools.

In 1888, six years after establishing Hyne Timber, he became a member of the Queensland Parliament, where he earned the title ‘Father of Forestry’ when he moved a successful motion calling for the creation of a Department of Forestry to meet the challenge of an approaching timber shortage. 

He even introduced a Women’s Suffrage Bill and argued very strongly for the case of equality between men and women. Unfortunately, his Bill was rejected, and it would be a further 12 years before women won the right to vote.

For more information on sponsorship and donations criteria, visit: https://www.hyne.com.au/about/sponsorship-and-donation-requests

For more information on the Tumbarumba region Hyne Community Trust, visit: https://www.hyne.com.au/hyne-community-trust

For more information on dollar matching and the employee benefits on offer, visit: https://www.hyne.com.au/careers/employment-benefits

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140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

Historic Hyne Timber mill photo Maryborough

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140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

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