A specification tool

Glue laminated (Glulam) timber is an ideal visual and structural medium. Request a sample kit for your architectural library, to use as a project / client reference tool.


Glue Laminated Timber Sample Kit Request

Sample Kit Contents

Our glue laminated timber sample kits include the following product samples:

  • Uncoated LGL (Plantation Pine)
  • Clear and stain coated Beam 17 (Plantation Pine)
  • Clear and stain coated Beam 18 (Victorian Ash)
  • Clear and stain coated Beam 21 (Spotted Gum)
Coating Systems

Glue laminated timber is strong, beautiful and suitable for residential, commercial and large-scale industrial applications. However, as a natural and porous material, timber must be coated and maintained for its intended purpose accordingly.

Hyne Timber glulam samples are complete with various clear and stained coatings by Intergrain and Teknos, to illustrate the aesthetic impact on the timber material. 

Appearance Grades

Hyne Timber glulam beams are available in two appearance grades, as per AS/NZS 1328.1: 1998 - 2.7 Finishing:

  • Appearance Grade A (Select)
  • Appearance Grade C (Structural)


The appearance grades relate to the aesthetic appearance of the visible surfaces and bears no relationship to structural performance.

All product samples are finished to Appearance Grade A (Select) standard.

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