Timber Pergolas: What to Build With?

Transform your outdoor space with a timeless timber pergola. Discover the durability and beauty of treated pine for your perfect retreat.

When it comes to constructing a pergola, the choice of timber is a crucial decision that can significantly impact the longevity, aesthetics, and overall performance of the structure. With various options available, homeowners often find themselves at a crossroads, unsure of which timber to opt for.

Let’s look at different options and understanding the favourable traits of H3 treated pine as a great choice for building a durable and visually appealing pergola.

Timber Pergolas, An Aussie Backyard Must

Pergolas, with their timeless charm and versatile functionality, have long been favoured additions to Aussie backyards. Whether adorning a garden, patio, or backyard, these structures are not only practical providing shade and shelter, but they also look great, adding to the appeal of the surrounding environment. However, you want your pergola to last the test of time and selecting the right timber is paramount.

Timber pergola made from Hyne's T3 Green.

Timber Pergola Posts and Frame: Some things to Consider

1. Durability

One of the primary concerns when choosing timber for pergola posts is durability. Since these posts bear the weight of the structure and are exposed to the elements, they must withstand moisture, decay, and possibly borer infestation.

2. Appeal

Beyond durability, aesthetics plays a vital role. Homeowners often seek timber as it not only performs well, but because it adds visual interest and complements the overall design scheme of their outdoor space. Due to the natural nature of timber, it simply looks great whether it’s sealed with a clear varnish or painted.

Timber pergola made from Hyne's T3 Green.

Timber Pergola Posts and Frame: Exploring Options

While hardwoods are popular choices for timber pergolas due to their natural beauty and resistance to decay, they come with a hefty price tag. Additionally, their availability may vary depending on geographic location, making them less accessible to some homeowners.

H3 treated pine, such as T3 Green, is suitable for indoor and outdoor, above ground applications and is resistant to termite or borer attack, as well as fungal attack and rot. H3 treated pine is readily available in a variety of end-section sizes commonly used in the construction of pergolas. Also, it’s cost-effective compared to hardwood or steel alternatives. Its versatility allows for customisation, enabling homeowners to achieve their desired pergola design while ensuring long-term structural integrity. These attributes make it the perfect material choice for your pergola timber.

T3 Green Timber Pergolas

T3 Green.

Hyne’s exclusive and industry leading H3 treated pine, T3 Green, is the perfect choice for pergolas. The durability treatment goes beyond the requirements of H3 treatment and is audited by a third party to ensure that it will withstand the elements. This makes it an excellent choice for outdoor structures like pergolas, where exposure to moisture and pests is inevitable and where your family will be interacting with it day-to-day.

1. Durability

Far exceeding the Australian Standards, T3 Green has a high treatment level at its core, helping protect your timber pergola from termites and decay. Our T3 Green product penetrates both sapwood and difficult-to-treat heartwood fibres providing superior protection for your pergola timber frame.

2. Affordability

Compared to other hardwoods or steel options, treated pine is often more budget-friendly while offering comparable durability. This affordability makes it an attractive option for homeowners seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising quality.

3. Healthy Alternative

Our T3 Green product is free of copper chrome arsenate (CCA) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emissions and petrochemicals. Our powerful next-generation water-based treatment is deadly on termites and fungi but safe for you and your kids.

4. Versatility

Hyne’s T3 Green is available in various sizes and dimensions, allowing for flexibility in design and construction. Whether you prefer a traditional pergola with intricate detailing or a modern, minimalist structure, our H3 treated pine T3 Green, can be shaped, and styled to suit your vision.

5. Australian Made and Grown

For over 140 years Hyne timber has been grown and made right here in Australia to perform to in our harsh climate.

6. Sustainability

Our H3 treated pine, T3 Green, is sourced from PEFC certified sustainably managed Australian plantations that carry a full Chain-of-Custody Certification. So, for every pine tree that’s harvested another is planted in its place.

7. 25 Year Guarantee

If you use Hyne’s T3 Green for your timber pergola, it will be guaranteed for 25 years against structural damage resulting from termite or fungal attack.

8. Aesthetic Versatility

The blonde look of our T3 Green pine means you can stain or paint your timber pergola to achieve your desired look and feel.

When it comes to timber pergolas, understanding materials choices will impact not only the aesthetics, but also the longevity and functionality of your outdoor sanctuary. While the allure of hardwoods is undeniable, their cost and availability can pose a few barriers. Enter H3 treated pine, a versatile and resilient alternative that strikes the perfect balance between durability, affordability, and sustainability. Among the array of options, our exclusive T3 Green product stands tall, offering unmatched protection against termites and decay while ensuring a healthier, VOC-free environment for your family to enjoy. With a commitment to Australian quality and sustainability, backed by a 25-year guarantee, T3 Green emerges as a great choice for building your timber pergola.

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140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

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140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

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