Coast Timber Worker Retires After 44 Years

After 44 years with Hyne Timber, John McDonald, aka 'Macca' has signed off the last time!

Known to many on the Coast for 'Maccas Pens' at Cotton Tree Markets, his pen hobby will now take precedence as he retires at the age of 60.

According to the Hyne Timber Kunda Park Site Manager, Peter Hall, Macca was a valued member of the Sunshine Coast team, a hard working and incredibly organised mentor for the warehouse and customer service team,

"Macca has been with the business for over 44 years.

"He has watched it grow, seen the introduction of computers, and been an integral part from timber manufacturing to meeting customer's orders.

"He has been heavily relied on as a coordinator within the business and regularly put in the long hours.

"We will miss him around the office, including his mango cheesecake which he has promised to continue to deliver now and again.

"I would like to wish him all the best for his next endeavours and the growth of 'Macca's Pens'". Mr Hall said.

Macca commenced with Hyne Timber at their old hardwood manufacturing plant in Maryborough back in 1973.

He answered an advertisement for a company Clerk role, a position he successfully won.

Turning up to work on his first day, suited and booted at their head office, he quickly learned he was actually based on the shop floor at the hardwood mill over the road. Young and red faced, his new co-workers at the mill applauded him in.

In 1986, Hyne Timber opened their new flagship softwood manufacturing plant near Maryborough and Macca transferred as their new Production Manager.

Faced with a brand new, large empty warehouse, Macca, supported by 5th generation James Hyne, set it up with the various products, sizes and customer base.

Six semi-trailer trucks back then was a busy day. Today, the mill has anywhere around 200 trucks per day on site.

He later took on the role of Customer Service Manager, still looking after production planning, making sure what the customer wants is getting produced and supplied – not a straight forward process when you never know what quality of timber you will get from each log.

He was based there for 28 years before moving to the Sunshine Coast for a lifestyle change.

Not yet sick of timber, Macca decided to set up a hobby business, turning timber pens which continues to go from strength to strength from his market stall in Cotton Tree. Also taking personal and corporate orders from all over the world, his Facebook page is proving a success.

After enjoying a retirement holiday with family, Macca intends to set up a new website and significantly grow his online presence now he has more time to make more of his pens and other wood crafts.

One of Macca's ongoing corporate customers is of course Hyne Timber!

Hyne Timber's Corporate Gift Pens from Macca's Pens