Allam Property Group: 30+ Years of Timber Framing

Allam Property Group have always believed the foundation of a great home begins with the right materials. That's why Allam have built with timber framing for over 30 years.

Since 1991 Allam Property Group have helped thousands of families across New South Wales and now Victoria build their dream home. Building in sought-after locations, using high quality building materials and providing inclusions and options to suit a wide range of lifestyles, Allam Property Group ensures a reliable and secure experience for their customers.

Founder and Managing Director, Barney Allam OAM says, “Buying a new home can be life changing. It must be a positive, easy, and, above all, secure experience. We’ve built Allam’s success on the solid foundations of open communication, reliability, and skill. We take our reputation seriously, so we need to ensure the materials we use reflect this. That’s why we build with Hyne Timber. We build with the good stuff.”

Allam Property Group

Timber Framing for a Strong Foundation

Allam Property Group have always believed the foundation of a great home begins with the right materials. That's why Allam have built with timber framing from the very beginning. Mr Allam says, “Not only do our trades love working with timber, but our team can be confident a timber frame means a low maintenance home for their customers.”

Preference Amongst Builders and Trades

Building with timber framing ensures all Allam homes are completed to a high standard due to the material's ease of use and preference among tradies. "Timber's lightweight and manageable nature make it easy to work with, allowing for straightforward drilling, notching, and shaping for builders and chippies”, says Mr. Allam. Timber framing allows ease and precision when installing services so sparkies and plumbers are not only trained and familiar with timber framing but love to work with it.

Low Maintenance

Handing over a home that’s low maintenance for their customers is paramount to the Allam team and providing homes built with a timber frame exceeds this. Timber is a naturally strong and robust material due to its stiffness and density withstanding some of the most extreme weather conditions. Plus, it won’t creak, squeak, ping or pop and it won’t rust or corrode over time.

Tried and tested, so they know it performs.

Allam Property Group have seen firsthand how timber framing stands the test of time. Using timber framing as their material of choice since the beginning, yep that’s over 30 years, Allam know that timber faming offers a tried-and-true performance that their customers can trust.

Allam Property Group

Termite Protection with T2 Blue

When it comes to timber framing products, choosing Hyne’s T2 Blue treated pine framing is a no-brainer for the Allam team. The termite-resistant benefits, locally sourced quality pine, combined with a 25-year product guarantee, make it an obvious choice.

Knowing exactly where their building materials come from is crucial for the Allam team.

“The best assurance Allam can get is knowing Hyne Timber products are Australian grown and made, with a history spanning over 140 year. Using timber grown in our backyard means our team know it will handle Australia’s harsh climate, stay straight, and perform on the job.”

The CodeMark® Australia treatment certification for T2 Blue provides an additional layer of confidence for their team and customers. “This independent, third-party check ensures the quality and reliability of our framing products.”

Supporting Australian Made Products

Supporting Australian made products is more than just a business choice for Allam; it's a commitment to the thriving communities they build in. As a property group, Allam recognise their responsibility to uplift and support the local economies where they build. This means prioritising Australian made products and partnering with local suppliers. By doing so, they are not only ensuring the quality and authenticity of materials they build with but also bolstering the businesses, families, and communities that form the backbone of those regions. Knowing Hyne Timber have the kangaroo to go with every product further aligns with the Allam Property Group values.

All Allam homes have quality and comfort at the forefront of every decision made with the goal to provide consistency and quality time and time again, having a strong house frame made from Hyne timber sets the foundation for this.

To find out more about Allam Property Group and their 30 years of success in the Australian building industry visit

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140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

Historic Hyne Timber mill photo Maryborough

Advantages of Timber

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Australian Grown & Made

Designed to perform in the Aussie Climate

140 years of Hyne

Discover our deep history

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