Significant Investment - Hyne Timber Upgrades Tuan Mill

Hyne Timber is currently upgrading key saw line components at its Tuan Mill in Queensland, to increase structural timber production volumes and process efficiencies.

This major undertaking and significant investment comes as Australia continues to experience very high levels of demand for softwood, especially for structural framing products, as key east coast detached and low rise residential building markets remain strong.

These upgrades will see the Mill ranking highly among world class standards and remaining one of the largest suppliers of softwood in the Southern Hemisphere into the future.

Tuan Mill Operations Manager and Executive Director, James Hyne said smart investment in operations is simply a cost of doing business,

"Remaining competitive in a global market includes having the right people and the right equipment.

"We have to continuously assess and look at how we can improve the business, prioritising investment accordingly to ensure our long-term future as a quality product supplier and large regional employer.

"Major upgrades to our Tuan Mill have been planned for many months, with employees throughout our operations working together to plan and build stock, minimising the impact to our customers while the installation occurs.

"The equipment upgrades include technology to more accurately scan the logs, maximising its potential and in turn, increasing our volumes and efficiency.

"We may have a higher log reject rate when they don't have the right properties, but they certainly don't go to waste. There is no waste. They are then processed in different ways for other customers, such as another large employer, Laminex.

"This means that only the best logs will be sawn, dried and treated, to increase our structural grade recovery." Mr Hyne said.

Hyne Timber's long-term equipment supplier to the Tuan Mill, the Linck company in Germany provides the highest quality machinery which in turn, allows the Tuan Mill to be at the forefront in sawmilling technology well into the future. This provides certainty in supply to customers as well as strong employment opportunities in regional Queensland.

Photo 1 (from left to right): David Skennerton, Gary Sutton, James Hyne, Marco Ruh, Marc Wandler, Paul Ryan and Ken Davey at Tuan Mill
Photo 2: Tuan Mill