Timber Frames Preferred for Multi-Residential Aged Care

As the population ages and focus turns to quality aged care, so too does the focus on the design, construction and ongoing maintenance of the aged care facilities themselves.

In addition to using locally and sustainably sourced construction materials, Australian construction company, Living Choice elected to use Hyne Timber’s termite resistant T2 Blue framing for their latest multi-residential aged care project on the Sunshine Coast.

Living Choice Project Manager, Warren Danter, has many years’ experience in construction, initially learning all he could from his father in South Africa, then the UK before moving to Australia.

He explains how this latest project has a large, complex roof and framing detail and it was clear from the early design stage, that it needed to be timber.

“From initial design collaboration with structural and service engineers, I made the call to use all timber frames for this project.

“Anyone in construction knows that timber frames are easier to work with and install on site.

“Construction is rarely perfect and even concrete slabs can vary in height. This is where there is a real cost saving using timber frames and trusses.

“We can readily dock it, plane it or do whatever we need to do including accommodating services.

“Importantly, this is a home for aged care residents. Having a timber frame means the final build will be quieter. There is nothing worse than natural wear and tear down the track resulting in noise from services vibrating against steel or loud, steel door frames.” Warren said.

The tastefully designed building is a hybrid of construction materials, using a range of design solutions to suit the client’s, Estia Health’s, needs including a floating brick façade.

With Warren’s wealth of construction experience, he was able to identify the benefits of a timber frame to carry the load of the façade. 

“Using large lintels straight into the timber studs, timber framing provides a simple, load bearing solution to hang the façade.” Warren concluded.

The supplier to the project and a valued customer of Hyne Timber, Sunshine Mitre 10 expect to see demand for timber increase in these types of multi-residential projects.

Sunshine Mitre 10 Commercial Sales Manager, Russell Maher said more and more developments are being approved throughout South East Queensland and Australia wide as the benefits of this type of aged care facility are realised.

“As the standards of aged care improves, community style living and support networks provided by these types of multi-residential facilities are increasingly sought after.

“Specifiers and builders need to consider the construction materials they are using which will no doubt see more and more recognition of the benefits of timber.” Mr Maher said.

Hyne Timber has been operating since 1882 and today, distributes T2 Blue framing throughout the Eastern Seaboard, south of the Tropic of Capricorn (Rockhampton).

It comes with a fully transferrable, 25 year termite guarantee, is safe to handle and work with and is independently CodeMark certified.

The treatment is organic and designed to mimic the naturally occurring termite resistant properties of some plant species. It uses ingredients similar to those found in pet flea collars and head lice shampoo.

6th generation Sam Hyne, who is currently undertaking a business management cadetship at Hyne Timber, works throughout the business, learning every corner of it including visiting the company’s wholesale and framing customers.

He took the opportunity to visit the Living Choice construction site with Hyne Timber Customer Manager, Peter Tregaskis and Sunshine Mitre 10 Commercial Sales Manager, Russell Maher, saying it was a great way to speak first hand with end users.

“We often talk about and appreciate the broader benefits of using timber in construction, not to mention the environmental credentials.

“But visiting Living Choice and learning first hand from experienced construction Project Manager, Warren Danter about the unique benefits specific to this multi-residential aged care facility was very much welcomed.” Sam Hyne said.

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Image 1: Aerial shot of Living Choice's latest multi-residential aged care project on the Sunshine Coast
Image 2: Architects Impression - Estia Health Aged Care Facility, Sanctuary Cove, Maroochydore QLD
Image 3: Russell Maher, Sam Hyne and Peter Tregaskis
Image 4: Warren Danter, Sam Hyne and Peter Tregaskis