Sam’s Plumbing: Cooking with gas

During the construction of our new $20 million glue laminating facility in Maryborough, over $5 million in contracts was awarded to local business.

Our General Manager for Engineering Innovation and Technology, Simon Prebble, hosted a media and local government walk through in September which focused on the great work of local businesses.

“The development is complex and the design, construction and equipment installation work is a story of Queensland jobs and growth” he said.

“We have always maintained that every part of this development will celebrate and showcase Queensland businesses and skills as so many businesses and people have supported us over our 137 years of operations.”

“I am pleased to confirm that to date, over 40 local businesses within the Wide Bay region have successfully won contracts for over $5 million worth of work.”

“Contracts vary from design, demolition and earthworks, through to floor coverings, roller doors, painting, mechanical works and everything in-between.”

“It is estimated approximately 80 people have been employed in construction alone with 42 Hyne Timber positions created once the plant scales up production.” Mr Prebble­ said.

One of the local businesses contracted for civil stormwater and hydraulic works was Sam’s Plumbing and Gas in Maryborough. Business owner, Sam McGarvie said this was a particularly large contract which created jobs,

“It is great to see these types of large contracts awarded to local businesses. I was able to take on two extra plumbers and a labourer, all local residents who were otherwise unemployed."

“It isn’t every day we are able to work on a brand new, large scale manufacturing plant and it helps us moving forward to be able to list this as an example of a successfully delivered, large scale contract,” Mr McGarvie added.