Hyne Farewells One of Longest Serving Employees

Today, the team at Hyne Timber farewelled one of its longest serving members of 39 years, Noel Puller.

Noel commenced with the business in 1981 as an experienced and qualified Fitter and Turner.

What he thought would be a 6-week stint of maintenance work turned into a diverse and successful career.

Noel has worked across the whole of the Hyne business over the last 12 years or so in corporate roles in Internal Audit, and safety management, leading the safety function for a number of years. 

Prior to that, Noel had worked at some Hyne operations that many now in Hyne would not even know existed, including the Granville Pine Mill, Maryborough Hardwood Mill, Virginia I-Beam Plant and Rocklea Beam Plant. Noel spent a large portion of his years at Hyne Tuan Mill, having joined the Tuan team in its formative years in the early 1990’s and was a key contributor to developing many of the systems of work that assisted Tuan in becoming the successful operation it has been for many years.

He fondly recalls the challenges of building a visionary Mill, working alongside German suppliers while maintaining a strong focus on safety.

Stakeholder Engagement Manager, James Hyne recalls his days as a cadet back in the Hardwood Mill where Noel was also working.

“Noel always has a joke to share and has brought many positive vibes throughout the business over his 39 years.

“In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen him cranky!

“Importantly also, he has certainly brought about significant progress in safety over the years starting with his own focus on safety when he was on the tools.

“He has delivered on a shift in safety culture and should be proud of the difference he has made.

“I would like to thank Noel for his commitment and long service over the years and wish him all the very best with retirement,” James Hyne said.

Reminiscing the years that were, Noel believes he has been lucky to work with some of the very best in the Timber industry, and for that he will be always thankful.

“I would like to particularly thank the Hyne family for providing a secure and supportive working environment, which has allowed not only myself, but many others to progress through the ranks.

“Many years ago I met the visionary who saw pine as the company’s future and he was right. In 1982 at the Hyne 100-year celebration in the Maryborough Town Hall, Lambert Hyne addressed workers and their families, the majority of whom had worked with hardwood all their life. Lambert, who had retired as Managing Director in 1979, informed us all that softwood would be our future.

“The hall filled with laughter as most felt that pine was only good for making pallets! How things change,” Noel concluded.

Noel looks forward to the next stage of life, with new toys for his shed and a few acres to maintain and hopes to get a trip back to France at some stage in the covid free future.