Taking Timber to New Heights

Our growing population’s development and expansion continues to have a great impact on the natural environment.  The consumption of many natural resources can be attributed to the manufacturing, design, and construction of the buildings that we live and work in.  Because of this, the use of sustainable building materials is integral in the creation of energy efficient, eco-friendly buildings.  

With the recent positive changes to the National Construction Code, enabling timber construction up to eight storeys in height, Hyne Timber, in partnership with the University of Queensland, has welcomed the Australian Research Council’s announcement of more than $1.5 million funding for tall timber buildings research.

Hyne Timber sees this funding as an important step in renewing Australia’s position as an industry world leader in timber construction.  Hyne Timber’s CEO Jon Kleinschmidt recently noted that other parts of the world are already benefiting from the use of timber in the construction of tall buildings, such as enhanced performance, ease, speed, and reduced costs; describing the new research as an opportunity to “learn from Europe, America, and Canada to quickly drive the necessary social and regulatory changes required here.”

The grant will fund the University of Queensland’s new ARC Research Hub for Advanced Solutions to Transform Tall Timber Buildings, an exciting addition to the recently established Centre for Future Timber Structures.  As momentum grows for innovative use of timber in construction within Australia, this research hub aims to further develop skills, knowledge and resources for tall timber construction. 

Mr Kleinschmidt echoed the sentiment of Hyne Timber saying “UQ is held in high regard in terms of its research hubs, delivering results and driving change throughout diverse sectors,” adding that Hyne Timber is looking forward working in partnership to maximise this opportunity.
Other key partners include the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, a number of other Universities both within Australia and overseas, leading design firm Fitzpatrick & Partners and the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.