HYNE TIMBER CONGRATULATE ARCHITECTS – National Architecture Awards 2014

Hyne Timber congratulates Richard Kirk Architect and Hassell, winners of three categories in this year’s National Architecture Awards for their University of Queensland GHD Auditorium, Advanced Engineering Building joint venture.

The three awards are for:

Public Architecture Awards – The Sir Zelman Cowan Award;
Interior Architecture – The Emil Sodersten Award; and
Sustainable Architecture – National Award.

John Hesse, Glulam Sales Manager at Hyne Timber said he is not surprised the Architects have been awarded with this prestigious recognition,
“I was pleased to read the Awards Citations by the Jury which acknowledged the use of Queensland Timber, the 5 Star Green Rating of the Building and acknowledgement that this spectacular use of timber makes the auditorium a delightful space to occupy – radiating geometry.
“The Jury went on to further acknowledge a softness more usually associated with residential architecture as a result of their use of timber.”
“This was a significant project for the Hyne Glulam plant over a number of months.
“Where an average project might involve 3 or 4 pages of drawings, this particular project involved 2000 pages of drawings.
“The beams were Hyne beam 21 which are unique to Hyne Timber, using local Queensland hardwoods.
“The assembled trusses were so large that they had to be transported in the middle of the night.
“Following all the hard work at the plant, it was great to celebrate the final product once construction was complete.
“This building really is an inspiration for all those who now study within it for many years to come.

“The Architects certainly deserve their awards and national recognition and we congratulate them on their success.” John Hesse said.
Earlier in the year, the Architects also won the Engineered Timber category in the Australian Timber Design Awards.

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