Sealy Lookout - Forest Sky Pier

Project Team
Architect: Steve Gorrell
Engineer: John Tozer
Builder: Robert Shone Constructions

Beam 21
BAL-29 Glue Laminated Timber
485x85mm Large Section Beams

The Forest Sky Pier at Sealy Lookout is Coffs Harbour's first eco-certified tourist attraction providing panoramic views over the Coffs Coast and Hinterland. Cantilevered off the edge of Sealy Lookout in Orara East State Forest, the Forest Sky Pier projects 22m out over rainforest, 15m above the forest canopy.

Hyne Timber was involved early on in the design process and worked closely with engineer John Tozer to offer specific advice on the most durable building materials and connection design for the bushfire prone area. Beam 21, made from Spotted Gum, is the only BAL-29 Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) product available in the Australian market at present. Both the timber and glueing process safeguard against ember attack and burning debris ignited by wind-borne embers and radiant heat up to and including 29 kW/m2.

The combination of charcoal coloured steel, natural timber, and stainless steel cables provides a striking example of how these elements can be integrated into a single structure. The project is a showcase of how steel and timber can be used in combination to give a dramatic structure that is generous in length and exciting to be on.

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